Client Testimonials

Lily was absolutely terrific! We interviewed several of the top realtors in Palos Verdes and we felt based on her presentation that she would be the best choice for us. Lily is very knowledgeable, great with other agents, terrific on follow-up and follow-through (two of the most important  attributes for agents but yet today is hard to find) and was able to secure a buyer for us in less than one week at greater than asking price. Oh, did I tell you that we set the asking price? Lily asked us what we would like to receive for the house as it had been on the market for over 6 months with other Palos Verdes (long-time) agents who were unable to perform. Lily was very positive, even though the house had been on the market and she truly felt from the beginning that we had a great house and that it needed better exposure. Lily took pictures the second day of the listing and everything was very professionally done and the pictures looked great. You can compare the before (other agents) to Lily's pictures and there is no comparison on the difference. Professionalism sells. Lily was able to generate, through her network of outside broker contacts and her knowledge of the market, 4 above asking price offers in less than one week and she was able to achieve what is the highest price per SF set for this area of Palos Verdes. Hire Lily. You will be pleasantly surprised. She is in a class by herself!

7/2017 J.H., Purple Ridge, Palos Verdes Estates

Lily was incredible! Without her, we would not have found the property we purchased and have been able to have the offer accepted in such a competitive environment with multiple offers. Lily was with us every step of the way and always extremely responsive at all hours of the day and night. We  have never seen such a hard working person do all that she can to complete the purchase. We are so grateful that we had Lily as our Realtor. She is clearly "BEST IN CLASS"!

5/2017 J.B., Via Ramon, Rancho Palos Verdes

It gives us great pleasure to share our experience in selling our house in Rancho Palos Verdes with Lily Liang’s help. Three years ago we purchased this beautiful house with ocean view.  As we enter our golden age, we felt it would become difficult for us to manage many steps inside this house. We told Lily our wish of switching to a single story house with ocean view in Palos Verdes. Lily kept our need in her mind.  When such a house became available, through her help we successfully purchased a single story house in Rolling Hills.

Since the property we purchased in Rolling Hills had a sizable mortgage, we were under the pressure of selling the house in Rancho Palos Verdes in order to reduce our financial burden.  To catch the most active time of selling a house, Lily discussed with us the market condition and suggested a reasonable selling price. She also suggested how to improve the appeal of this house with some remodeling.  In the interest of saving time and money, Lily personally staged the house with beautiful paintings, flowers, and other decors. Her experience in interior decoration and her good taste made this house a true beauty.  Then she immediately arranged a photographer, a videographer, placed advertisements, and had an Open House.  Her quick action lead to a successful open house and several potential buyers in less than a week since the house was on the market.

She analyzed the strength of each interested buyer and helped us to make a choice. She also prepared a back-up offer for us. During the short escrow, Lily was most supportive to ensure the escrow would close smoothly. With Lily’s planning and hard work, we completed the sale in less than two months since the house was on the market.

Needless to say, Lily played a crucial role in our success of selling this house so quickly. Her tremendous experience in real estate, her negotiation skills, her hard work, her caring of the clients, and her honesty and sincerity in help others are the reasons for her receiving so many California state-wide, national, and international honors in the real estate profession. We are extremely happy that Lily took care of our real estate needs, and we are confident that others would be equally happy if Lily is the agent in selling or buying real estate properties for them.

7/2016 N.L. Cartier Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes

With great pleasure we wish to share our experience in purchasing our house in Rolling Hills, one of the four cities in Palos Verdes Peninsula. Our real estate agent, Lily Liang, was aware of our plan to buy a single story house since last year. But it was not easy to find an affordable, spacious,  single story house with ocean view in P.V. About five months ago Lily informed us that a single story house in Rolling Hills with an attractive asking price maybe worth our consideration. We immediately toured the house and decided to make an offer. Needless to say, quick action is the key to get a good property. Without losing anytime, Lily presented our offer to the seller during a raining night, and spent a long time to point out the merits of our offer. We were glad that the seller accepted our offer. During escrow Lily efficiently arranged the inspections so we did not have to spend time or be stressed. Escrow was closed smoothly pretty much on time. We know Lily is a top real estate professional in Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County, and in the U.S. as is proven by numerous awards she has received. Our recent purchase of the house in Rolling Hills has given us an opportunity to understand why she has garnered so many honors. We would like to share our thoughts in the following. -- Lily puts her clients' interest above anything else. Whether the price of the property is low or high, Lily treats her client with the same kind of care, patience, and respect. -- Her over 30 years of experience in real estate and her up-to-date knowledge of the market condition are most valuable in assessing the value of a property. -- Her negotiation skill and her gentle manner are indispensable in successfully completing a purchase. -- She works extremely hard, seven days a week is the norm. Sometimes to help a foreign or out of state buyer, she would sacrifice her sleep. -- She is very efficient. We were surprised how fast she arranged various inspections during the escrow, and she sent us all the necessary documents to sign without any delay. -- She is really responsible. She personally answers all the phone calls and emails as soon as possible. She would spend lots of time thinking how to help her client successfully completing the deal. We feel very fortunate that we had Lily's help in purchasing our house in Rolling Hills. Without any hesitation we would strongly recommend her to others in meeting their real estate needs.

12/2015 S.L., Ringbit Road, Rolling Hills

Lily was exceptionally professional in every direction. Her wisdom, competence and professionalism made all the difference in selling our home. In order to reach the price point we were seeking, Lily worked hard and her outstanding marketing skills generated many showings. We were privileged to have multiple offers and Lily proved herself to be an expert throughout the entire process. She was incredibly responsive and kept us up to date especially when things were not going as expected. Towards the close of escrow there was added complexity, but Lily was a great help and got us through it. Overall, Lily’s years of experience and knowledge of the market were instrumental in the sale of our home.​ 

10/2015 D.C., PV Dr. W, Palos Verdes Estates

We have bought and sold a number of homes over time. Lily was exceptional in her overall process management, attention to detail, and advocacy for us. She is a seasoned professional who knows the market and how to get things done. Our escrow had some obstacles, but she navigated them with grace and effectiveness, keeping us informed at all times. We highly recommend Lily and look forward to working with her again. 

01/2015 - S.G. PV Dr. W., Palos Verdes Estates

We have lived in Southern California for more than half a century and have bought and sold a number of properties. Among the many real estate agents we have encountered, Lily Liang is the most thoughtful, effective, and honest one we have ever met. We started to look for a house to purchase in Palos Verdes (PV) peninsula of Los Angeles in 2012. Our search criteria were quit strict: recent construction, tasteful architecture, good ocean view, high ceiling interior, private bath in every bedroom, no swimming pool, etc. After meeting with numerous agents and visiting many houses over six months, we were not successful in finding any property to make an offer. We met Lily through the Internet. She provided us an effective and comprehensive review of a very competitive PV real estate market based on her 30 plus years of experience in real estate. She is highly networked with other agents and prepared an in-depth analysis of the properties that nearly met our requirements. Her expertise immediately narrowed down our search to a manageable few. Lily also used her knowledge about PV neighborhoods and insights about each property under consideration to facilitate our selection. Even having received a great deal of useful information from her, we never felt any pressure to make an offer. She left the decision entirely to us. Lily is pleasant to talk to, easy to reach by phone, and responsive to our email. She worked with us tirelessly using photos, descriptions, and objective evaluation to identify and show us candidate houses even when the time or the weather was not the most desirable. In fact, she arrived to show us the house that we eventually purchased in a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon only twenty minutes after we contacted her. Lily reviewed with us the suitability of this house in order to make sure it is the right one for us. Once we expressed serious interest in this property, she skillfully negotiated a price acceptable to both the seller and to us in a couple of days. After we made our decision to buy, Lily wrote a fair and attractive offer for us. The purchase agreement was reached with the seller only in three days, and the escrow was closed in 45 days without any complication. Soon after the escrow was closed, Lily realized that we were not ready to move in. To avoid our house being unoccupied for a long time, she proactively recruited an ideal tenant for us, and even helped us furnish this house as our tenant wished. We are truly grateful to Lily for her extraordinary service before and after the sale was completed. We have since found out that our remarkable experience with Lily was not a unique case. Lily’s help to her clients often does not end after the escrow was closed. Sometimes she provided move-in assistance, or helped take care of the property if the owner could not live there full-time, or helped lease the property as in our case. All these extra services are beyond an agent’s normal duty and Lily offered them because of her kindness and a strong desire to make the purchase a lasting success. Based on her integrity, exceptional service, and dedication to her clients, it is no surprise that Lily is a recipient of the great honor in real estate profession -- one of the Top 250 Agents in the US. We highly recommend her to anyone seeking for a real estate professional’s service. 

12/2014 - N.L. Cartier Dr., RPV

We have been happily living in our first home for four months now, and are very glad that we chose Lily Liang to be our realtor. Now that my husband and I and our 3 children are settling into our home and neighborhood, we can now fully appreciate the service value Lily provided us. Lily very skillfully and graciously guided us through each step of the home-buying process. Takes excellent care of clients: Despite being a successful agent for several decades with so many multi-million dollar listings, Lily nevertheless took us under her wing and made us feel completely taken care of. She always looked after us like we were her top-priority and only client although she obviously had many larger fish to fry. As I looked around at Palos Verdes properties with her, it was apparent she had not only high-profile status, but also the respect and admiration of local residents and other real estate professionals that we came into contact with. A no-nonsense time saver: When we first contacted Lily, we knew nothing about the area, and were focused on optimizing square footage for our family of five. Hence, we did not know the differences within the same town that made some neighborhoods more desirable than others from a quality of life perspective. Whenever I sent her a list of properties that we might be interested in viewing, Lily was already familiar with each property and had valuable insights about each house so that we didn’t waste our time viewing unsuitable homes (since we lived an hour away and had only a limited time for viewing). With keen eye and judgment: After several meetings, it was Lily who suggested that we look at the house that we bought. Although I had dismissed the home online as being not our style nor within our price range, she suggested that we take a look at it nevertheless, because she thought it offered very good value. When we saw it, we agreed with her and decided to make an offer. A skilled, patient negotiator: Thanks to her judgment and effective negotiating skills, we were able to get our current home, the first house we ever made an offer on, despite being in a multiple-offer seller’s environment. Nonetheless, despite both parties being very stubborn about certain issues, Lily enabled us to iron out a deal that made both buyer and seller happy. If she hadn’t been our agent, we would likely not have succeeded in buying this home. A pleasant, responsive professional: Throughout the escrow process Lily was always pleasant, detail-oriented and patient. As jittery first time home buyers, we deluged her with some very basic questions but she patiently held our hands, calmed our fears, yet never made us feel patronized. She went out of her way to make top quality recommendations for local providers for everything from mortgage lenders to pre-schools. She always kept in good amicable communication with us despite all the endless minutiae she had to help us process during of the escrow process. A caring, dear friend: We therefore most highly recommend Lily both as a consummate real estate professional and as a honorable, trustworthy caring person. We feel that she has is a true friend in the area now and look forward to keeping in touch with her in the years to come. We cannot thank her enough for contributing her outstanding experience, judgment and skills in helping us to buy our family’s first home. 

10/2014 - J.S., Rhone Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes

We were very impressed from the beginning through the end of the whole process. My wife and I decided to put our home on the market to sell. As soon as we made contact with Lily everything rolled in so professional and so smooth that we sold our home within 45 days.We were so impressed with her and staff that we couldn't believe how smooth everything was done with no hick ups or problems. She even sold our home above our asking price. Her staff and her did excellent. Thanks Lily. 

07/2013 - R.C., Via Conejo, Palos Verdes Estates

Lily helped our family find our "Dream Home". She is "The Expert" in the area. She is very knowledgeable about the entire area and seems to know the history of about every house. Lily saved us a lot of time as she always knew what was worth looking at. Lily was extremely patient with us. She was always pleasant and made herself available to suit our difficult schedules. We were looking in this area for over 2+ years with Lily. Lily is always honest and has proved accurate in forecasting the market. This was true even when it was not in her best interest to tell us. The house we fell in love with required an agent with the experience, skills and tenacity that Lily possesses to negotiate it. This was true as both sides of the deal had very different ideas as to the value of the house. Lily pulled out all the stops and made a very difficult situation and win for everyone involved. We could not be more pleased. I highly recommend Lily to anyone looking in the Palos Verdes area. She is also very caring and has made every effort to assist us in any way before, during and after the move. 

11/2012 - R.E., Via Curva

Our family had the very good fortune of working with Lily in the recent sale of our home. She is a true professional and we would recommend her without a moment's hesitation. 

04/2012 - B.A., Via Barcelona

Lily Liang is exactly the Real Estate professional my husband and I sought when we chose to put our home on the market. She enjoys an excellent reputation due to her extensive knowledge of the PV area, far-reaching international network, tireless work ethic, discretion, pleasant and always courteous demeanor - and her ability to simply sell homes. She was able to skillfully and artfully negotiate potential buyers, lenders, while helping me to maintain my sanity while selling our home during one of the most difficult and challenging real estate markets historically. Lily showed extraordinary patience with all involved parties and was able to close escrow within four months of putting our home on the market. We wish we could rate Lily with more than five stars because she certainly deserves more. 

07/2011 – D.N., Via Horquilla, Palos Verdes Estates

My husband and I chose Lily Liang because she is the top broker in Palos Verdes. Lily is extremely knowledgeable about the Palos Verdes area and she is a sharp negotiator. Lily treated us with respect and helped us consider each offer we received. She is a hard worker who returns phone calls and emails quickly. Lily was always concerned for our family's personal well being throughout the selling process. Lily has a well earned reputation for being a top broker in Southern California. If you are searching for an exemplary real estate broker, I highly recommend Lily Liang!

    6/2014 - T.A., Marne Dr, Rancho Palos Verdes

Lily Liang is among the best agents we've been very lucky to work with. She is very knowledgeable in her field, professional and courteous to the utmost. She's very patient with her clients, always take their thoughts and feelings into accounts. She would give suggestions and guidance, however always respecting their decisions. She has turned a hectic, cumbersome process into a successful and smooth transition for the sale of our home. We feel very blessed to have Lily representing us.

    6/2014 - T.N., Chelsea Rd, Palos Verdes Estates
Lily Liang
Lily Liang
Executive Vice President
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